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The Walking Dead - Episode Four: Around Every Corner

By RubyStreams10-10-2012
Leigh Cobb (editor)
StuntmanLT (editor)

The Defence

Telltale Games
Telltale Games
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The Prosecution

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The Case

The Walking Dead from Telltale Games is a video game like no other. An episodic series that allows the player to mold and sculpt their own 'destiny' if you will. Moral choices and dilemmas that can make, or break, the cast of characters that Telltale have beautifully crafted, in the first three episodes. Three episodes of pure emotion, drama and horror. The Walking Dead has a great way of keeping you gripped from start to finish. Episode 4, 'Around Every Corner', released today and, for me, is THE episode that best represents TWD as a whole.

The Trial

'Around Every Corner' starts off with the group (members of the group will differ from player to player, depending on previous choices made in each episode) searching the desolate streets of Savannah, hoping to find a way to survive, get a boat and make their way to safety. In true Walking Dead fashion, things rarely go to plan for the group. From a mysterious voice on Clementine's walkie talkie and spritely ninjas ringing church bells, to guilty consciences and, of course, the flesh eating undead.

The story is a mixed bag of extreme horror (human and other), intense moments of drama and, for this reviewer, one of the most emotional and upsetting scenes that I honestly found hard to watch/play. It moves along at a steady pace to begin with, but by the time the credits roll, you will be left wide eyed and panting for breath. The climax is a definitely "holy shit" moment.

The family portrait

The family portrait

A number of new characters are introduced in this episode and they each have their own intriguing stories to tell. The most intriguing of which, is Molly. A nimble young woman who lives alone in Savannah, using the church bells as a distraction which allows her to search for supplies. She's a strong character with a similar personality to that of Lee's. There are moments where you get the feeling she's hiding something, something that unfortunately remains unanswered.

You may recall during the ending of episode three - Long Road Ahead, a mysterious voice is heard over Clementine's walkie talkie. Well the voice makes itself heard now and again during 'Around Every Corner', but nothing more is revealed. No name, no location, no reason. This doesn't really take anything away from the episode but it would have been nice if something more was explained.

This new dentist made me nervous

This new dentist made me nervous

I've mentioned before about how well crafted the characters are and how you form, friendships almost, with them. Well after the events of 'Long Road Ahead', Kenny is a broken man and it's really starting to show. You real feel for the man and after the revelation during the end scene of 'Around Every Corner', you can only wonder what the hell is going to happen to this already pretty unstable guy in the final chapter of this incredible game.

Graphically the game is still beautiful with it's comic book feel and look, with no major issues regarding bugs or glitches, apart from a few stutters between some scenes. But nothing to cause any major problems.

Yet again, the voice acting and music is a cut above the rest. Believable and relatable, the characters are brought to life by some of the best voice acting heard in a long time. The score also does a great job of setting the mood for each scene.

The Verdict

'Around Every Corner' begins the end of a triumph in gaming. The horror, drama and emotion hit a new high in this episode and the ending hints at a potential sob-fest of a finale. Lee, Clementine, Kenny and whoever else you may have in your family of survivors, have been through alot, but you have been there with them, side by side. With every death, every tear, every crush Walker-skull, you have been a part of it and it's hard to walk away from it and say it hasn't touched you in some way, shape or form. It's not just a story, its a journey. A turbulent journey which will soon come to an end when the final episode is released late November/early December.

Case Review

  • Crank it up!: Everything that makes TWD’s story great has been amplified tenfold!
  • May I introduce you to...: New characters with their own intriguing stories to tell.
  • Shh... Do you hear that?: Fantastic audio helps bring the world and characters to life.
  • Did I s-s-s-stutter?: Some between-scenes stuttering irritates but never intrudes on the experience.
  • Unsolved mysteries: Some things, such as the voice on the walkie talkie, remain frustratingly unanswered.
Score: 5/5
The beginning of the end is a magnificent thing!
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I have felt the urge to play these episodes since the first one, but I have a huge backlog of games to complete. Gotta be faster! Excelent review.