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Party of Sin

By JcDent26-02-2013
Bis18marck70 (editor)
StuntmanLT (editor)
Party of Sin

The Defence

Crankshaft Games
Crankshaft Games
Adventure, Platformer, Indie
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Core 2 Duo
AMD equivalent
Nvidia GeForce 8800
AMD Radeon HD 3870
4 GB
250 MB

The Case


Indie and a platformer aren’t the words that inspire confidence. While some people like platforming – and I don’t judge them too harshly – personally I view it as something that takes place instead of actual fun gameplay, i.e. shooting. Unless it’s Mirror’s Edge, which was cool. But Party of Sin is closer to Mario than to parkouring Asian curriers and, while trying to emulate Trine, does it come any close or fails, crashes and burns, much like Lucifer?

The Trial


The game has a light excuse plot about the seven deadly sins signing a contract of protection with Lucifer. But Michael, The Archangel intervenes before it can be finished and the sins are locked up in Hell. But, how could it be any different, they escape and, well, seek vengeance. Platforming puzzles, ahoy!

If you’re playing alone, you’ll have to constantly switch between the seven sins – much like in a poor man’s version of Trine. Each of them has an attack (practically identical) and a power that can and will be used in puzzles. And...

Not even angels with flamethrowers can save this thing.

Not even angels with flamethrowers can save this thing.

...I don’t know how to properly convey it, but the game is boring. The powers aren’t exciting or creative – Wrath, for example, rushes forward knocking away special doors or activating buttons. Pride on the other hand, surges forward with his sword – and because he can do it mid-jump, this factors in into the jumping puzzles. This gets so tedious as the game goes on not to mention the fact that the sins have only two or three (or, in the case of Envy, none) soundbites that you hear when you select them. Now, imagine doing a puzzle that requires cycling through, say, 5 of the sins. And failing it time and time again. How long will it take continuous “Show me the money”, “It’s Pride time” and “I’m hungry” clips to drive you insane?

Not to mention the fact that a true puzzle affectionado will have nothing to do here once he figures out what does what. Gee, is there a Lust platform (her only role is activating temporary pre-placed platforms) over a button? Why, I think they want me to place a block on it so it would fall down later on! Greed is an even better example – his hook on a chain is used to activate far away switches. No catch there – the hook reaches through most of the screen, there’s no “smart” way to use it. Once you figure the puzzle out (most of the time you simply need to figure out where to apply Sloth’s “Slow” power), the only obstacle is your reflexes. And that is annoying, especially coupled with the repetitive sound bites.

Buttons, boxes, Gluttony - repeat till you have a game.

Buttons, boxes, Gluttony - repeat till you have a game.

Oh, there’s also the combat. While seeing angels with shotguns or sniper rifles is interesting, the rest of it isn’t. Gluttony is one of the best choices since he will eat and consume enemies to regenerate health. Or you can use the green eyeblasts of Envy to kill enemies off screen. Flying foes can be attracted to eating range with Greed’s hook. And Lust, once again, is almost useless.

Is my problem that I did not play it on coop? Then again, are the better puzzles in coop? Would it feel better to fail a puzzle because your friend is an idiot and not you? Coop wouldn’t add more soundbites or, for that matter, improve the horrible graphics that do not even hold any fitting aesthetic appeal? I’m not usually picky when it comes to visuals – but damn this game looks bland. And uninspired – purgatory is a factory that makes and breaks crates. That’s all there is to it.

The Verdict


Party of Sin is a game that I would not recommend – it’s boring and tedious and I’m sure there are some better platform puzzles out there. Like Trine 2. Or if you’re really reaching, Magica.

Case Review

  • Easy: some appeal might come from that
  • Platforming: I heard some people like that
  • Puzzles: I heard some people like that too
  • Boring: The only thing less interesting than playing it is writing a review of it.
  • Uninspired design: if Heaven looks like this, I have to sin more.
Score: 1.5/5
At least it doesn’t have any bugs
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