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By Leigh Cobb18-08-2012
Bobfish (editor)
Blankdoor (editor)

The Defence

Nival Interactive
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Pentium II 366 MHz
AMD equivalent
Nvidia DX 8.1 card
AMD equivalent
64 MB
2.4 GB

Games based on the Second World War are common, some would say far too common. Strategy games based on this period are also in abundance, with Blitzkrieg being on a minor ripple in the vast ocean of WW2 Strategy titles that developers have cooked up over the years.

On June 4th 2003, Nival Interactive released Blitzkrieg. At first glance it looks like your standard WW2 RTS, but when you dig deeper into what Blitzkrieg has to offer, you see that it is not just another WW2 RTS, it is one of the best WW2 RTS games you will ever play.

This is approximately 82 times more epic in motion. 

This is approximately 82 times more epic in motion.

The game focuses on battles and action, rather than base building like other strategy games did at the time, but this is not to its detriment as some would think. The absence of base building mechanics does not simplify Blitzkrieg, it allows for the combat and tactics elements of the game to be explored to their depths. Blitzkrieg is, then, a very complicated game. With an unforgiving difficulty and an acute sense of WW2 history and realism, Blitzkrieg is an RTS for diehard genre fans.

But boy what a game, one rendered in a 3D isometric point of view, at first glance it appears 2D, but don’t be fooled. Games like this have a habit of looking good even eight years after their launch, the effects are truly spectacular. With tanks, trucks, armoured cars, buildings, trains and other objects making appearances in a wide variety of climate and terrain types, Blitzkrieg does its best to provide you with a full experience for your WW2 strategy needs.

The gameplay itself is fun, difficult and just plain thrilling. You start each mission with a preset number of units, and must learn to use each of them to their fullest extent to accomplish your objectives. Transport your soldiers in trucks, but protect the trucks with tanks and other armoured vehicles in case the enemy forces decide to launch an assault. Artillery must be towed by trucks as well, and if an artillery crew dies, then you must assign more units to man the post. There are no compromises here; the game is brutal in its accuracy and depiction of tactics in a WW2 setting.

Rain death upon your enemies. 

Rain death upon your enemies.

To give an example, say you are tasked with assaulting a small town, where you know the Germans have set up defences and dug in. You order your artillery to bombard the town, whilst using your trucks to keep the guns supplied with ammo. After a sound shelling, you order your armoured columns to advance, flanking each side of the town. You encounter heavy resistance in the form of anti tank cannons, taking losses you send infantry to support the tanks and encounter German troops fortified inside buildings, trenches and behind hedgerows. As you fight your way to the centre of the town square, you witness the destruction your artillery brought to this once quiet area. Buildings reduced to rubble, German soldiers lying dead in the streets. As you advance you capture ammunition depots, exploiting them to fuel and arm your own tanks and heavy weapons, which are running dangerously low on ammunition after fighting this far. As you finally take the town you breathe a sigh of relief, sit back and realise that everything you jut witnessed was every bit as exciting as it sounds here.

Blitzkrieg spawned expansions, a booming modding community and a sequel. It you like your strategy games to come with actual strategy, don’t let the age of this game deter you.

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"Blitzkrieg is an RTS for diehard genre fans" - Wise words. My Blitzkrieg be enshrined into our living memory until the end of time