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Poly Bridge

By elethio30-06-2015
Poly Bridge

The Defence

Dry Cactus
Dry Cactus
Indie, Simulator
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
AMD equivalent
Nvidia GeForce 8800
AMD equivalent
4 GB
150 MB


Less than two weeks ago we revealed that Poly Bridge, a bridge building game by the developer Dry Cactus, would be coming to Steam Early Access on June 30th. Since then we’ve had a chance to test the game and give you a run-down of its course and current condition.

There are other bridge building games on Steam such as the Bridge Constructor games. Bridge Constructor itself has a lot of similarities to Poly Bridge, so I’ll be making comparisons throughout this preview. I did find some minor glitches while playing, nothing to stop me enjoying it but this should be expected if you buy a game in Early Access. The campaign in Poly Bridge has 24 levels to complete, and that’s enough to keep you going for a while but it could do with more being added, the Sandbox feature needs a lot more work still, and Steam Workshop integration is not functioning yet.

It was at this point that Bob realised Poly Bridge still needed some work. 

It was at this point that Bob realised Poly Bridge still needed some work.

Poly Bridge is a very relaxing game, which is helped by the acoustic guitar music, but the cute simple polygons play a part too. Poly Bridge is a game with very simple goal - get vehicles from one side of a river to the other. As you build your structures in Poly Bridge you will be given a few basic materials to work with. and a budget to stay within. At this point it’s up to you to figure out what design you want, and place some struts, or more often is the case, place some struts, and figure out what designs you don’t want.

When you’re happy with your structure just press the “Simulate” button and the brave drivers make use of your creation. You can turn on an extra feedback system at this point where the stress levels of components is shown by their colour, but currently it’s not very clear. Bridge Constructor does a lot better in this area, because you can see a closer view of the bridge and the vehicles move over it more slowly. The speed of the vehicles in Poly Bridge adds a little extra zest to the game sometimes. with the necessary slopes in place you can turn a vehicles speed into air time, and this is sometimes the only way to solve some puzzles.

Currently the game doesn’t have quite as much detail or as many options for the bridge design as the Bridge Constructor games, although it does have hydraulics for moving bridges which is unique. Bridge Constructor has been released since 2013 and has had free DLCs and some sequels made for it. It should be no surprise that there are far more puzzles available for Bridge Constructor than for Poly Bridge, however one aspect that may allow Poly Bridge to overtake Bridge Constructor for content is its Sandbox mode and Workshop implementation. Once working, these systems would allow an endless stream of new puzzles from creative players.

The Sandbox mode doesn't currently have much content.

The Sandbox mode doesn't currently have much content.

Unfortunately, The sandbox mode is very bare bones with little to do yet, and the planned Steam Workshop has not yet been implemented either. One more unique feature with Poly Bridge is the ability to upload your “simulations” to Twitter, or just share them with other players, showing off your best creations or best fails. This area of the game is working, and there are already player bridge simulations that you can watch.

Overall, Poly Bridge is a nice game and offers fresh style compared to similar games of this type, I would suggest to keep an eye on Poly Bridge to anyone who’s already completed Bridge Constructor but for anyone else I’d advise you to wait to see how Poly Bridge develops.

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