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Plague Inc: Evolved

By NAG3LT12-03-2014
StuntmanLT (editor)
Plague Inc: Evolved

The Defence

Ndemic Creations
Ndemic Creations
Indie, Simulator, Strategy
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz
AMD equivalent
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650
AMD equivalent
2 GB
1 GB

The popular disease spread simulator Plague Inc. is finally infecting PCs. Originally inspired by a free flash game Pandemic II, Plague Inc. expanded the idea and provided more variety to the diseases and more stuff to do while it spreads around the world. The PC version, titled Plague Inc: Evolved, is not yet finished and is available as an Early Access title on Steam. While its £12 ($14.99) price might seem as a rip-off at first, it includes all DLC of the mobile version and should receive some exclusive features in the future. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the PC version of the game and we can expect from it in the future.

In Plague Inc. you control a disease. Your task is to infect and kill every human on the planet. There are a lot of different ways to do so, starting with different kinds of disease. Among the choices there are resilient bacteria, a quickly evolving virus, and even mind-controlling worms. Part of the fun is selecting a name for the disease, which may add some flair to the in-game messages. Then, you select a country in which patient zero will appear and it is the time to spread the disease around the world. As your disease infects more and more people you get DNA points, which you can spend on the disease transmission, survivability, and symptoms it produces.

Meet your new brain-controlling overlords.

Meet your new brain-controlling overlords.

However, do not expect to take down modern humanity easily. There are still borders between countries, which may become closed in case of a quarantine. Depending on your difficulty level, there can also be more medical personnel present and higher hygiene standards. The more noticeable and deadly your disease becomes, the more resources are thrown at it. A harmless disease can spread far and only few labs will be working on a cure. The deadly pandemic however, will meet fully closed borders while everybody works on curing it. Depending on the circumstances, there might be local quarantines inside countries and the executions of the infected population.

While disease spreads mostly by itself when you do not improve it, there are some small things to keep you busy. There are bubbles to pop for extra DNA after spreading or jumping to another country. While this mechanic feels decent on a touchscreen, it is less convenient with mouse. Constant news feeds add some fun stuff as well, showing random events that can change the chance of transmission. Some of them accelerate the spread of the disease, while others make it harder. There are many status screens about the world and separate countries that can be accessed easily on the PC version. They conveniently show the conditions and the current status of different regions, helping you make decisions. The world stats screen in PI: Evolved is a good update, compared to the mobile version, with the map that allows you to see many relevant things at a glance. Other additions currently present are the fastest game speed and a fourth difficulty level.

Death rate is about to spike.

Death rate is about to spike.

Visually, Plague Inc: Evolved is both very similar and slightly different from its mobile counterpart. The continents on the zoomed out map look very similar, but there are also some ice caps and animated currents in the oceans. The map is in 3D however, and zooming in will show a tilted view with schematically displayed airplanes flying above it. Other interface elements were redesigned and take relatively less space on a big screen compared to the large interface for the smartphones. The pathogen information screen is shown in 3D with a visual indication of its complexity. The music has not changed and will become boring eventually.

As it is still in development, Plague Inc: Evolved does not match all the features of the current mobile version and has some bugs. While you can enjoy it nonetheless, you have to complete the match from start to finish as the savegames are broken. The custom scenarios, some diseases, and tutorials are not yet implemented. In the future we can expect to see the zombifying disease, as well as scenarios with special pandemics, like Black Death or the plague on a reverse Earth. The PC version should also receive a multiplayer mode, which will not be present in the mobile version. All the features planned as DLC for the mobile will be included without additional payments.

Some measures are too extreme.

Some measures are too extreme.

Overall, Plague Inc: Evolved is an interesting game and it is clear how well it improves on the flash game it was inspired by. There is fun gameplay to be had, funny remarks about the world to be heard, and a whole world to have your mayhem on in lots of different ways. If you like the idea, the game is already very playable and will only get better as development continues.

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Posts: 267

Have you checked the price of DLC on a mobile version? There is an additional content that you won't unlock by playing on mobile, only by paying. Meanwhile PC version get all that content included in a base price.

Posts: 1317

I liked the game on mobile, but it's gonna have to have a lot of content to be worth while on my stationary PC. Not to mention that the price is ridiculously high for a mobile game.

Posts: 267

Depending on how the plague progresses, you may even get the event about USA nuking China as they suspect them as the source. It can even happen if the disease named "Vodka" actually originated in Russia :)

Posts: 596

LOL "Made in China"... jeez, now China is even mass-producing plagues to export? :P

This looks really interesting and I think it is important to note as mentioned in the preview, this is only still in alpha. Considering how much you liked it already I think this will be an amazing game once released.