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Humans Must Answer

By NeonAnderson08-04-2013
Bobfish (editor)
Bis18marck70 (editor)
Humans Must Answer

The Defence

Sumom Games
Sumom Games
Release Date:
TBA 2013

The Prosecution

Intel Dual Core
AMD equivalent
Nvidia GeForce 260
AMD equivalent
2 GB
200 MB

In an unusual take on the classic sidescrolling arcade space shooters, Humans Must Answer follows a daring chicken spaceship Captain who takes to ensuring the Humans Must Answer...for what? Well, I will leave that up to your imagination. In terms of story, in the preview build, was only the story in the mission briefings and several of your fellow chickens giving you some of the background in the main menu. It seems like the full game will have cutscenes but this remains to be seen as there is an option that seems to enable and disable the showing of videos, so one would presume that this will be for cutscenes. Fortunately, even if it does not have more than it already has, this will not be a disaster. After all, these kinds of games are not played for their epic storylines. No, they are played for the challenging and heart attack inducing gameplay action.

The build we received included the full first two levels as well as a part of two of the following levels. It is good they included the latter two levels as they go a long way to show off the variety we will be able to expect from the full game and some of the locations that you will be fighting the onslaught of enemies trying to make fried chicken out of you. The preview build and full game both feature four difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard. On Easy the game was quite challenging, especially on the last two levels. Bumping the difficulty up to Very Hard proved to be highly challenging even in the initial levels. One thing that is disappointing is that the game does not support multiple save slots, nor does it allow you to change the difficulty of a campaign once started. Thus if you start an Easy run and find it is too easy, you will have to start all the way from scratch. Worse yet, if you still find that difficulty level is too hard, starting a new campaign erases your previous save game! This is especially shocking as the save games are simply text documents. So it is highly plausible that the game could easily support the changing of difficulty level and multiple save slots once the game is released!

Aww, little chicken, time to crack your shell.

Aww, little chicken, time to crack your shell.

Once in the campaign menu you can view Space Logs, which tell you a lot of the backstory as you progress through the campaign and you can choose any level. The level screen showed up to 17 levels, but it seems like there will be even more in the final build. A really cool feature here is that this game is in fact only semi-linear. Each level has Golden and Silver Eggs to be found. The Golden Eggs are what allows you to unlock specific levels and upgrades for your ship. For example, the third and fourth level in the preview build both require that the player has 10 golden eggs in his inventory. Thus once you have 10 Golden Eggs you can then go directly to the third or fourth level. The order you do them in does not matter, completing that level unlocks a new branch of levels, each with their own Golden Egg requirements and this branching off continues throughout the campaign map. The Silver Eggs I mentioned provide you with a bonus amount of in-game currency that is used for ship upgrades. It is really cool to see the large amount of upgrades already available in the early build. It also encourages you to replay levels you have already completed to go back and find Eggs you have missed and gain enough money or Golden Eggs to upgrade your ship even further.

In terms of gameplay the developers have done some interesting stuff with the core gameplay mechanics found in the classic arcade games Humans Must Answer is inspired from. There are three different weapons that your ship has: the main weapon, a special ability and two turrets to select from. The two weapons included in the preview are the Energy Weapon and the Kinetic Weapon. The Energy Weapon is your main weapon that has a regenerative energy source it consumes. The Kinetic Weapon has a separate non-regenerative energy source that can only be filled through pickups. While both weapons are equally effective against non-shielded enemies, the Kinetic Weapon is the only one that can go through shielded enemies. In addition, the two turret types are also an Energy Turret and Kinetic Turret. You can have only one turret out at a time and can place it wherever you want to, it does use energy though of the type of turret you select and they only last a short while. The turrets also have their own health. There are two special weapons included in the demo; the first one is a time slowing device that gives you a temporary slow motion that can be used in tough situations. The second is a device that causes an explosion around your ship, destroying everything around you except enemy bullets.

Portal... in space... spaaaace.

Portal... in space... spaaaace.

In terms of the actual gameplay once in the level, it is as one would expect. You move with the arrow keys on the keyboard and shoot/place turrets using AS/ZXC keys, using spacebar for your special device/weapon. These can be fully changed within the options menu as well as the volume levels and graphics levels. It seems the title will also support the usage of a controller and vibration. Yet, the preview has no mouse support as of yet so hopefully this will be added to the full game. The enemies in the levels included always came from the right of the screen and come in different varieties. The cool thing here though is that while there are set patterns to most enemies, there are enough enemies that will come in a random pattern that is different each time you play the level. In addition, one level even included asteroids falling in from above that can only damage the player.

Amongst all the chaos of everything shooting at you, you are expected to find energy for your special device and Kinetic Weapons/Turrets and of course the Silver and Golden Eggs. So plenty here to keep the player busy and completely on the edge of their chair. One thing that really sets this game apart from other games like this is the usage of the turrets and the implications it has for the level and enemy designs. To survive you really need to get the hang of placing the right turret at the right place at the right time, even against normal enemies. Against bosses, placing these turrets is crucial if you want to succeed. As one would expect there are boss fights at the end of each level and no two bosses are the same. I really look forward to seeing what more is in store for us in the full game. If the level variety, enemy variety and boss variety keeps up throughout the entire campaign, we may just have ourselves one of the best titles of this genre so far!

Half-Life 3 - coming soon!

Half-Life 3 - coming soon!

The last thing I have not yet touched upon is the audio and graphics. There is not much to say here except that they are both outstanding. The sound effects and music are both of high quality, the weapon and enemy sounds are diverse and have a good punch to them. This combined with the amazing combination of 2D and 3D visuals and effects create quite the audial and visual experience for this type of game. And the visual style suits the comedic approach of the game. There are some well placed jokes at other games, including Half-Life 3, which apparently will still be “coming soon” in the very distant future.

Overall, it is a promising Kickstarter project and I would very much hope to see this one reach its £5000 goal. With just few days left currently at £4000 with 244 Backers (myself included), this is a really low goal for a kick-ass game. So what are you waiting for! Click here and help get this great project funded!

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It is good :D

Good news as well, IT GOT FUNDED!!! YEAAAAAH

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Looks kind of good.