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By Kelevandos27-04-2013
Bobfish (editor)
StuntmanLT (editor)

The Defence

Neat Corporation
Neat Corporation
Racing, Indie
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Core 2 Duo
AMD equivalent
Nvidia DirectX 9 card
AMD equivalent
1 GB
100 MB

As one of the Pixel Judges’ more indie oriented freaks, I have been very happy to have a quick look at the Alpha of Flowstorm. The game, undergoing the kickstart process right now, is a little experiment on gravity, spaceships, speed and a huge amount of fun! While the early stage of the Alpha makes it hard to describe the goal of the game or the lore aspects, the core elements of the gameplay are already here. Let’s have a look!

At this point, Flowstorm offers checkpoint-based single player, split-screen multi and a fully functional map editor. The latter is a rather obvious feature, so I will skip it, saying only that it is quite solid. Now, for the actual gameplay – you are taking control of a little spaceship, which is able to accelerate, turn around, slide and shoot grenades. The tiny contraption is very fragile, so you will need to steer clear of edges and walls, making sure that you touch them only with the bumpers. Otherwise, it is game over. And believe me, you will experience lots of game overs in this one! Just as stated by the devs, the game will not hold your hand, so you will have to figure the basics by yourself. There is a tutorial (a nice one), but it only covers the objectives of the missions.

While they look cool, it will take you some time to produce such sparks.

While they look cool, it will take you some time to produce such sparks.

How to fly towards these objectives without ending up on a wall - it is up to you to learn. I must admit that Flowstorm amazed me with one thing in particular – despite countless failures and retries, the game did not frustrate me, even a little bit! The flawless controls minimize the randomness, making the player feel responsible for every action and allowing for quick improvement. The crazy pace at which we have to traverse the curves and tunnels does not help with keeping record of the number of retries either. If you like demanding, intense games with fully intuitive controls and lightning-speed action – make sure to try Flowstorm!

In terms of graphic, there is no bad word I could say. Animations are smooth, rare comic-like motives please the eye and the semi-3D depth is just like it should be. I am really impressed by the level of polish, as despite being in early Alpha, Flowstorm looks really enjoyable, with its wooden backgrounds encrusted with some metal. The same must be said about the physics engine, which really does its job. The sliding deceleration is believable, just like the precision required to shoot a target while going at maximum speed. It has been some time since I have witnessed such a well-developed dynamism in a game and it warms my heart to see it in an indie game now!

Try nr 28576: I got 2mm further into the level, I am getting the hang of it.

Try nr 28576: I got 2mm further into the level, I am getting the hang of it.

Summing things up - Flowstorm is a game worth giving a chance. Seeing what the developers achieved in such an early version gets up hopes for it to be an outstanding title when finished. Also, it is very rare for a game to be so unforgiving and user friendly at the same time. It is a unique experience, one the market needs!

If you share my passion, go and help these devs kickstart this neat little project.

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Posts: 123

It looks like a game that I'd be terrible at but I can't wait to play this anyway. I really hope this gets fully funded.

Posts: 1548

The sparks look incredible.

Posts: 1317

I couldn't, for the life of me, understand how this review was NOT a retro review, and at the same time didn't have a rating at the end. Then I noticed the capital P. :P

The game looks nice though, similar to Trials Evolution.