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Door Kickers

By Fr33Lanc3r.00718-10-2013
Bis18marck70 (editor)
MrJenssen (editor)
Door Kickers

The Defence

Killhouse Games
Killhouse Games
Indie, Strategy
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
Nvidia Geforce 9600
AMD Radeon HD 4850
4 GB
2 GB

Door Kickers is a game that I’ve been excited about for almost as long as I’ve been at Pixel Judge. The first project by indie devs Killhouse Games, Door Kickers puts you in the role of a SWAT/Counter Terrorism Team Tactical Commander. It's currently in its Alpha stage, has passed Steam's Greenlight process and found its way into the Early Access program. So it's a perfect time for me to put my best foot forward and kick open the doors to let you know if it's worth to keep an eye on.

Door Kickers puts you in the role of Tactical Support for a team of 2-4 SWAT troopers in a variety of missions, ranging from clearing an area of hostiles to bomb defusal in a variety of locations. As the team's tactician, you are given a top down view of the mission field, direct vision of whatever your troops can see, and tactical control over their actions - including the ability to pause the action so you can give orders to everyone at the same time. You move units by left clicking them and dragging a path, with additional controls to make them strafe if you’re giving orders while paused. They automatically take aim and shoot at enemies that remain in their line of sight for more than a second.

One man army.

One man army.

Combat is interesting at this point in the development. Troops and hostiles won't attempt to shoot directly through their teammates, but neither group have any problems shooting through hostages in order to kill a target, and since losing a hostage leads to a failed mission, this results in some hilariously awkward moments where one of your guys kills a hostage standing between them and a terrorist. Weapons are limited at the moment, with your forces having only a 1911 pistol and an M4 carbine at their disposal. The enemy uses revolvers, Uzis and AK-47s. More weapons are planned for future releases, along with the option to change the loadouts of individual soldiers.

Each soldier is in possession of two flashbangs, a spy camera for looking through doors, and a single breaching charge. All of these are useful to hunt down terrorists, look for hostages, or desperately attempt to locate and disarm bombs before they blow up - depending on the situation at hand. The variety of breaching options changes depending on the type of doors you run across. Obviously, you can't simply open a locked door and throw a flash through it. Kicking down locked doors takes time - and more importantly, makes a hell of a racket - but the limited number of breaching charges is better suited to assisting in clearing rooms with multiple enemies inside. It’s particularly useful if they're within the blast radius, although it does momentarily stun enemies that are further away too.

Sneaking out a hostage.

Sneaking out a hostage.

The tactical options, while sparse at this point, still manage to give you a sense that you’re literally commanding a force of counter terrorist operatives. The Go codes allow you to complete actions in sync, which can lead to some absolutely epic moments, like the time where my troops breached four rooms at the same time, each killing the terrorist within with just the breaching charges. The Deploy-screen allows you to select where you want individual troops to enter, forcing you to ask yourself questions like ‘would I prefer everyone to make a grand entry through the front, or should I send a few guys in through the back to flank the enemy?’.

The game looks amazing, which is especially impressive since it’s still in Alpha. The backgrounds give a sense of reality to the missions and the pieces of furniture and other random items thrown around when things go boom actually have a purpose - some of which are more useful than others, but most will at least offer some improvisatory cover. Instead of bodies, an outline is left on the ground, white for friendly corpses and black for enemies, which can also be surrounded by blood depending on whether or not you prefer to enable gore in the options menu. Each mission comes with a number of ambient background noises - radios in hotel rooms, sirens in the distance, etc. - that add a lot to the immersion, and the music is great too.



There are still a number of features to come and a number of features that will be expanded and improved before the final release, but Door Kickers is perhaps the most complete feeling pre-release game that I’ve had the opportunity to play. It’s an enjoyable game to play for a few hours at a time, to see if you can finish a mission faster, with less casualties, or without killing all of the terrorists in hostage missions. If you’re not already keeping an eye on this one, start looking, it’s worth your time.

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One day, I might go back and play the Rainbow Six games

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@Jenssen - Takedown? Well if it was properly made that is.

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It's a little sad that THIS is the closest I can get to the classic Rainbow Six games nowadays.

Not sad because I consider this game bad, or the isometric view inferior to the FPS perspective or anything, but just sad that there is literally NO real successor - official or spiritual - to Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield.