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Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles

By Bunnysuit03-09-2015
Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles

The Defence

Artifice Studio
Artifice Studio
Action, Indie, Strategy
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
AMD equivalent
Nvidia GeForce 8600
AMD equivalent
4 GB
3 GB

In an alternative history, Leonardo DiVinci has discovered that chickens hold the power of space travel, called meta matter. The factions, Greater Britain, Sacred Alliance (Germany, Italy, and Spain), The Sublime Gate (Turkish Empire), and Celestial Empire (France) harness this power to take colonies in the universe. Oh, there is also the Chi’krathi, a race of chickens who have become self-aware and are revolting against their oppressors. This is Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles. Yeah.

You might be eager to know more about gameplay itself, but there will just be a little bit more backstory so you know what the hell is going on. This meta matter power comes from chicken eggs. Hens, since they produce these eggs, are seen as a really good resource; there is likely some sort of message here somewhere, about exploitation of women during times of war, or simply that chickens lay a lot of eggs.

The art of Conflicks is a beautiful 2D Hand-drawn style. The battle area is stunning , and would make a wonderful desktop or mobile background. The map of space is in the shape of Europe, which is no coincidence. The space map is clearly a mirror of the real world Europe; one of the many inspired historical influences this game has.

Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles is a physics game that appears to be Angry Birds on the surface, but don’t be fooled! This game is actually closer to golf or pool. If you are anything like me and don’t have skills in either golf or pool, you will probably be horrible at this game. Worm hole portals exist in the field, be wary of asteroids, and you can actually hit other ships and destroy them. The gameplay can also get pretty hectic, because of the RTS elements. Taking your time is usually a good idea but this is no relaxing puzzle game, don’t stay idle for too long. Though my time on multiplayer was very brief, the action taking place is even more hectic than the single player campaigns. Pressure and precision is a major factor of this game. Keep in mind there is a definite learning curve, but fans of real time strategies will love this.

The amount of ships you produce, and how often you move or take action all depends on whether you have meta matter or not. This is why planting your henships on nearby planets is essential. Meta matter your life source. I learned this to much trial and error, resulting in mostly error. Blasting enemy chickens from planets you want to colonize sure is an entertaining and rewarding sight though.

The game as expected, runs smoothly with no noticeable graphical or frame rate issues. The focus or zoom works really well, and the music brings the atmosphere to life. The only complaint is that they game can be quite difficult despite Artifice Studios attempts in making it new player friendly. With 21 campaigns that involve all factions, including the Chi’karati, sometimes there is a desire to do more than just flick and fight. A colony or planet management expansion or sequel would be very sought after. Conflicks Revolutionary Space Battles is on Early Access at Steam. Artifice Studios claims that the features are complete with occasional bug fixes here and there.

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