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Coffin Dodgers

By Bunnysuit29-06-2015
Coffin Dodgers

The Defence

Milky Tea Studios
Milky Tea Studios
Casual, Indie, Racing
Release Date:

The Prosecution

Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz
AMD FX 4.0 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 460
AMD equivalent
4 GB
1.5 GB

Can you outrun death? Death, in a literal anthropomorphic sense, has come to your town to take a soul but the geriatric community has made a deal with it: race for their lives! Win and you have a few more years or months left on this earth but come in last and you’re dead. Welcome to the quirky racing world of Coffin Dodgers. But Death won’t leave empty handed, it’s either you or your old friends. Sometimes you have to play dirty to win against your own elderly fellows. When one of your pals gets killed off they will be resurrected as a zombie to work with the Grim Reaper.

As racing games go I would say that Coffin Dodgers is pretty standard. The look of Coffin Dodgers is simple and a bit dated but, that said, it certainly has style. The game is very cartoony yet charming and the dated graphics definitely have a nostalgic, PS1 vibe going on. In terms of gameplay you have power ups that give you speed boost, a gun, shield, and a torpedo. All the elderly players also come with their own cane attack; the game’s geriatrics comically swing their cane around and this stuns nearby racers. The Grim Reaper also has a similar melee attack.

A feature that I really like is the ability to upgrade and change the appearance of your mobility scooter. You can change the color of your scooter for free and with the coins you earn from winning or placing high in the races you can upgrade the speed, acceleration, and amount of weapons you can hold at a time.

Don’t drink and drive, get old and fly.

Don’t drink and drive, get old and fly.

There is currently no multiplayer support for the Early Access version of the game. The developers have promised to include multiplayer in the final release though. Multiplayer is essential for a kart racer and the lack of it, even in early access, is probably the biggest weakness that Coffin Dodgers has at present.

I’m not much of a racing fan but I found myself immersed in this game. Coffin Dodgers shows a lot of potential. Getting used to the controls takes a while, but I cannot explain the exhilaration I felt when I won my first race. However, the game requires a great deal of hand eye coordination. Crashing causes you to fall off your scooter in hilarious ragdoll physics fashion. As funny as it looks, that crash takes up precious time and gives the AI the opportunity to pass you. A bug that I noticed that made me rage quit the first time was when I got stuck on top of a hedge and couldn’t proceed with the race at all.

Coffin Dodgers, for all of its flaws, is a fun game. Fans and non-fans of kart racers will enjoy this. Do keep in mind that the game is in Early Access so there might be bugs and glitches, and there is currently no online multiplayer.

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