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By BloodyFanGirl19-08-2015

Yes, I did steal that pun from Jim Sterling. It was too good not to nick.

Ubisoft have ported their well received Wii U launch title ZombiU to PC and they've just released a trailer for it. Check it out above.

For those of you who've been living in a well-stocked safehouse, Zombi is a survival horror game with rogue-like elements though it is not a true rogue-like. In Zombi, you are one of a small number of survivors in London trying not to get eaten by the zombie plague infesting the city. It's down to you to explore the city, scavenge supplies and to stay alive. If you fail in this endeavour however...well, your current survivor will become a zombie and the game will put you in the shoes of another still alive Londoner. Minus the survival pack your last character had. That's because your first job as a new survivor is to hunt down your now zombified, late survivor and take the pack back.

The original game on the Wii U was positively received though not widely played. The obvious question then is, what does this port change and seek to improve? The press release explains, "a number of updates have been introduced for the latest consoles including new melee weapons, faster load times, improved flashlight gameplay and improved visual effects."

The game is now available as a digital download, costing £14.99. You can get it for PC as well as PS4 and XBox One.

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