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Zombies Invade Gas Guzzlers

By MrJenssen07-05-2014

In case you couldn't tell from my review of it, I thoroughly enjoyed Gas Guzzlers Extreme. It doesn't do anything groundbreakingly new to the genre, but it's just a fun little game that gets even more entertaining when you buy a 4-pack and deal out the extra copies to your friends. 

Now, Dutch publisher Iceberg Interactive has announced two new DLCs coming out for the game. The first of which is a smaller one, containing two new arena-type tracks, two power-ups, two cars and one new police-themed skin for all the cars in the game, three game-modes and a new female announcer. No details are given on exactly what the new game-modes are, but given that the two new tracks are arenas, it's not unreasonable to expect the modes to be focused on the vehicular combat rather than straight up racing. The female announcer is also a nice little touch, especially if you've gotten tired of the Duke Nukem and Arnold Schwarzenegger soundalikes. This DLC, titled Full Metal Frenzy, is set to release sometime next week. 

The main event seems to be the second DLC, scheduled to release sometime this summer. Full Metal Zombie comes with another new arena-type track, one more car and one more car skin. It also comes with "nine zombie types and animations" that will likely go along with the new game mode "Defend the Base". So yes, Gas Guzzlers will soon become the ten billionth game in history to get a zombie DLC. But hey, at least it's optional! And who knows, maybe it'll end up playing kind of like Carmageddon. And that couldn't possibly be anything other than great. 

No information is given on the pricing of these two DLCs. While you wait you can check out the screenshots from the first DLC, showcasing the new cars and tracks, in the gallery below.

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