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Zombie of Duty Elite

By StuntmanLT15-02-2013

After the first and second teasers that showed practically nothing Rebellion, the developers of Sniper Elite V2 (and "V1"), finally caved in and revealed their ultra secret project – Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. This one takes a page straight out of Call of Duty zombie mode, with Germans, Russians and Americans teaming up to fight the hordes of the dead...just this one apparently has a campaign. The game/expansion/add-on is going to be available on 28th of February and you can pre-purchase it with a 20% discount on Steam now.

I know some of you have had it with all the zombie games but I personally am happy with it. As long as it's a good zombie game, of which there are very few (in my not so humble opinion), then I will be very happy little zombie slayer. What do you think? Leave your BRAAAAAAIN below.

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