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Zombie Gingerbread Men On The Loose

By SavageOcto12-12-2012

It’s that time of year again. As we get closer to Christmas day some games hold Christmas themed events to celebrate. One of the many games I go back to during this season is Killing Floor for its Twisted Christmas event where enemies are dressed up as elves, grotesque gingerbread zombies, and the jolly man himself.

This year’s Twisted Christmas is going to the moon. Going live today is Twisted Christmas III: Evil Santa’s Moonbase, featuring low gravity, a dwarven battle axe, new DLC, a free new medic weapon, and an in-game scavenger hunt to unlock a new powerful weapon.

The event lasts until January 3rd. If you have the game be sure to hop on to get yourself into the Christmas/monster-killing spirit!

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