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Zenimax's Crazy Q&A

By Oskason14-03-2013

Moving swiftly on from my pun failure in the title, Zenimax have presented us with The Elder Scrolls Online Q&A list on their website. The theme is Combat, and a hell of a lot of it. Apparently people like that in MMO's.

One of the more interestingly answered questions was about the 'holy trinity'. Y'know, the Tank/Healer/DPS roles that about 95% of MMO's swear by. To which they quoted some of the feedback that they had received by testers. They basically explain the different combinations of classes, armour & weapons that they have been using. The tester talks about how he was using a Sorcerer with heavy armour and using dual wield, while healing! This could be potentially groundbreaking in the MMO scene. But wait, I know what you're thinking. Sure, you might be able to play the game in your own style, but there will always be an optimum build/way of playing at the end of the day, right? I mean, there always is. Remember, this is only an alpha, so let's not get too excited just yet. Whether you're happy about this or not, the dev's have voiced their happiness about this, so clearly this is working the way they expected it to:

"We're pretty happy watching the progression system allow people to play the way they want in the groups they want to play in."

Nuff said really, if they're happy with it, then I'm sure we will be too. Just sayin.

Another question that kind of leads on from what I was explaining above is, how the different armour types will be balanced, and what the incentives are for using, say medium armour on a warrior. So, apparently there will be a progression system associated with all three types of armour, whereby you can increase certain stats. Zenimax explains in more detail:

"If you advance down the light armour progression line, you are likely to get bonuses to spells, magicka regeneration, and the like. Medium armour skill lines give you more bonuses to stamina activities such as dodge, sneak, etc. Heavy armour skill lines give bonuses to received healing, bracing, etc."

Now, is it just me or has this actually never been done in an MMO before? Basically a talent tree for armour? That's just genius as far as I'm concerned.

Be sure to indulge yourself in the rest of the Q&A, as it may provide answers to some of those niggling left over questions that you may have.

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Posts: 596

It has been done in one other MMO and I don't know if that guy is on the team for this game or not? Will need to research it. But basically Star Wars Galaxies had a tree for everything and you could play it how you wanted.

Posts: 241

I really can't get excited for this, the only use of the Elder Scrolls name here is for brand recognition. It's as far away from an ES title as you could get.