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Zenimax Details Upcoming Updates for Elder Scrolls Online

By zethalee06-05-2014

Promising new content and a multitude of bug fixes, Zenimax shows no signs of slowing the development process of their divisive MMO. Entitled Update 1, it is, naturally the first large content update for ESO, and brings with it a fair amount of updates to ensure the game and its quests run smoothly, some balance for both class abilities and combat abilities, ‘Trials’ (12-man raids), and the introduction of the first Adventure Zone named Craglorn

This Adventure Zone appears to be full of quests catered specifically towards a four-man party and how geared they are. Featuring a fairly large swath of Tamriel, quests have you investigating why certain constellations have disappeared from the sky. This area is designed for characters that have already reached the initial level cap of 50, and reached Veteran Rank 1. While specific patch notes were unavailable at this time, rest assured, we will have them when they are released. 

The post also details future content that does not have a release date, but items that Zenimax is aiming to release “in 2014 and beyond.” At a glance, some are:

A justice system – steal from and kill NPCs and deal with the consequences of your actions

Crafting and cosmetic system updates

Two more veteran dungeons

Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood storylines and quests

Improved social (guild, raid, friend) interactions 

With ESO looking well ahead, anyone looking to delve into a rather populated version of Tamriel may well have something to look forward to in the coming months.


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