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Zelda Goes to War, Like Totally

By Bis18marck7028-07-2013

Zelda is one of those characters in the videogame genre that is known by basically all, except perhaps some of the CoD fanboys but those aren't an asset to the industry anyway. So yeah, Zelda, great stuff. Now think about Total War - yes, the franchise that will soon have a new title with Rome II. Got it? Perfect. Now, how the hell did I go from Zelda to Total War? Well, I would never have made that link if it wasn't for the Zelda Total War Mod, called Hyrule: Total War, hitting 3.0 status.

What! you say? My reaction exactly. Based on Medieval II game, Hyrule: Total War isn't finished yet, but the trailer does give some idea on how things have progressed. That being said, after having watched the trailer, I wasn't entirely sure if this was some kind of a joke the German in me didn't understand or if they are actually dead serious. I went with the later since most people nowadays do not anymore go out of their way (sadly) to create some epic prank on the masses.

That being said, even after watching it a few times, I am still not sure what to think about it. For me, used to sending Legionnaires, Samurai's, Knights and Grenadiers into battle, this whole thing seems a bit 'too clean' and ridiculous. But then again, taste is subjective.

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Posts: 351

I would like something new from a Zelda franchise, its been a long time since I have cared about it :D

Posts: 596

Someone at least seems to have put a lot of work into this mod. Heck, first Zelda RTS game though? :P

Posts: 1317

This might actually make me give a damn about Zelda for once.

Posts: 207

I must have this!