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Zach, Guess What?

By BloodyFanGirl19-07-2013

Earlier we reported that the director's cut of Deadly Premonition will be coming to PC. Now, in aid of its journey to PC, the game has a Greenlight page. COO of Rising Star Games, Martin Defries, said:

"Rising Star Games is an extremely community-driven publisher and our vocal fans have been calling for a PC version of this game. So using Steam Greenlight gives those fans the chance to make a difference."

The divisive, cult classic was first released on the Xbox 360 in 2010. Earlier this year a director's cut made its way onto the PS3. In addition to various enhancements, this PC version of the director's cut will get exclusive DLC. Watch this space for more on that at some point in the future.

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Posts: 3290

That has me a little puzzled, and a tad concerned too. We'll have to wait and see I guess

Posts: 123

That's what I was thinking. Seems rather odd. :/

Posts: 3290

So why are they already promising Steam achievements if it still needs to be Greenlit?