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Your PC is Set to Take an Odyssey to the West

By Fr33Lanc3r.00710-10-2013

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was a rather poorly received adaption of the ancient Chinese Story 'Journey To The West'. Featuring the Monkey King escorting a Bhuddist Monk, known as either Xuanzang or Tripitaka, to India, it was released some time ago for the PS3 and 360. Given that its source material is a classic piece of Eastern Literature, naturally Ninja Theory decided to have it set in the far future and turn poor old Tripitaka into a woman. Because what else would they have done, it's the Video Games industry!

Anyway, the unofficial Australian Classifications twitter account reported that Enslaved was getting a premium edition, and that is was approved for sale here in the Great South Land, which was then picked up by Polygon. Polygon then managed to get a confirmation out of publisher Namco Bandai, saying that Enslaved's premium edition will be making its way to PCs sometime this month, and there'll probably be a review making its way to Pixel Judge soon after, so stay tuned!

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Delighted to see this news piece, I actually wanted to play this after playing the PS3 demo years ago.

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I am happy to see it come to PC.

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Just saying.