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Your Character's House Revealed!

By drcoolio34501-09-2014

It's not news that Telltale is making a game based on the Game of Thrones HBO series, what is news however is who you're playing as.

Whose house do you think you belong to? Tully? Baratheon? Lannistar? None of the above. You'll be playing as a Forrester, the hunters and trackers in the woods. Not much is known about house Forrester. They're briefly mentioned in the books and never mentioned in the TV series. Is playing as someone from a lesser known house more or less exciting do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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In my experience it is usually a good idea to go away from the main characters. Just look at Star Wars games, what have been the best Star Wars games ever made, have been ones where you have nothing to do with any of the movie characters and not a single one of them are even involved or mentioned in the game (KOTOR 1 and 2), there are many other examples like that. So I'm glad they are going away from the main storyline and characters. It gives them more creative freedom and also means the game requires more development effort and is not just trying to money-grab some quick cash. At least usually this is what it means.