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Your Boss Returns

By zethalee17-10-2014

So, a little over a month ago, Deep Silver Volition, formed out of the dissolution of THQ and its related subholdings, announced another entry into the Saint's Row franchise: Gat Out of Hell. A standalone expansion that takes place after IV, where you very literally rescue "the President," returning from their stint against fighting alien invaders in IV, along with likely a veritable assortment of activities that the Saint's Row franchise is known for. However, a few members of the community were wondering about customizing "the Boss" that appears as your primary objective.

Thanks to Volition's tumblr posts, we now know a bit more about how this will play out. If a save file from Saint's Row IV is detected for any system, then the customized character will be imported and will be the one that shows up in all of the cutscenes, user-selected voice included. You only need to get as far as the second mission to have a savefile that will import into Gat Out of Hell, and if you end up not having one, then the default "Boss" (the Nolan North-voiced one, it seems) will be the one you attempt to rescue.

People have been wondering since IV's release how Deep Silver Volition was going to improve on the bombastic and outlandish tone that the series seems to have adopted, and descending into an underworld (which also apparently contains a cityscape likely reminiscent of previous games' cities) seems set to scratch that itch.

So check out the video above and see all the sins he will be a part of.

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Well, I'm not so convinced. It's certainly a spin-off, they haven't obfuscated that fact. But it's showing itself to be, at least, a moderately sized campaign, as well as having a new map, not just new weapons and stuff. It could have been an expansion in the older days of gaming, but these days not so much

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I don't see any engine or graphical improvements this time though. There were a a few between SR 3 and 4. But even there a lot less than there should have been. This time around I don't see any. This could have easily just been a DLC (the reason I say that is they always charge more for a standalone expansion).

Posts: 3290