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You Want to Watch Wang? YouTube Says No

By Bobfish12-06-2015

In a most bizarre turn of events, Devolver Digital were told they cannot advertise their new trailer for Shadow Warrior 2 because, ahem, "that guy gets cut in half." Or, so says YouTube. I mean, about the not advertising, that guy most certainly does get cut in half. Well, actually, he is cut in half, Because get is a past tense participle, meaning to receive or come into possession of. Ergo, it would be more accurate to say "that guy gets a blade through his body." But whatever, it's frikkin' awesome.

I mean, come on, it's bleedin' Shadow Warrior, what were you expecting to happen? Hearts and flowers and a kiss on the cheek for every orphan? The first game had bunnies fucking. The reboot I mean. The first game had Wang sexually harassing anime girls with his wang.

And we love him for it.

Silly YouTube.

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