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You Want Blood? Killing Floor 2's Got Blood

By MrJenssen21-11-2014

The only way you could possibly NOT know that Killing Floor 2 will have a grotesque and gratuitous gore system, is if you didn't see last month's developer diary video from developer Tripwire Interactive. It goes into great detail about the gore-system (and its inspiration) of the upcoming horde-survival dismember-em-up. But apparently, that video didn't go into great detail enough! Because this month, they bring you another dev diary, and they're not done talking about blood and gibs just yet.

It's pointless for me to explain it all to you, it's best if you just watch it yourself. Needless to say, there will be blood. And it won't go away once the next wave of zeds respawns, either. Might want to not take a look if you're squeamish.

The game's tentative release of "sometime 2015" has not yet changed - what with the game still being in Alpha and all - so we'll keep you updated once we hear different.

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