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You Wanna’ Blitzkrieg?

By Bis18marck7008-11-2014

Blitzkrieg was good! Really good. I remember it fondly. What you say.... No, I don't mean that incident in 1939, I mean the videogame. Don't get all worked up, the German's are peaceful now. But yes, Blitzkrieg was good. A bit repetitive at times yes, but a good, solid title. Blitzkrieg 2...didn't happen. Let's keep it at that. It.did.not.happen. No, No, can't tell me otherwise. I am quite sure.

So, after having established that, I must say I am quite surprised that Blitzkrieg 3 is making an appearance. After all, why a three with no two? Ah well, some marketing ploy I am sure. Why should that get us excited? Well, it shouldn't, hype is probably one of the worst things pre-launch but it is exciting isn't it? Can't you feel it? That sensation we felt so long ago, when shells went off, bombs fell and bullets shrieked. Ah, the times we had with Blitzkrieg. But never mind the old days, check out what's on the horizon with these two vids straight from the panzerfact..I mean, developing studio.

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Wow, this looks good ("Shut up and take my money.jpg")