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You Should Start Running Now

By BloodyFanGirl22-02-2014

Watch that trailer first.

 Okay, done? Good. 7FRAMED is a game that puts you in the shoes of 7 people that have, you guessed it, been framed for crimes they did not commit. The game will unfold over 7 episodes and wants to use state of the art technology in order to deliver a truly “AAA game experience that feels like both a contemporary survival shooter and a parkour platformer”. But to make 7FRAMED a reality the developers, VIE Games, need $300,000.

This $300,000 will be used in order “to deliver 7FRAMED at the quality level and length of the [sic] play the brand deserves. And to do this we need to hire more experts”. Apparently VIE Games already have the technology to pull the game off, they just need the man-power. You may angrily declare “Shut up and take my money” here where you can also peruse the backer rewards and view a selection of in-game screen shots.

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It certainly seems way more action-y than navel gazing-y and it looks awesome.

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Fahrenheit springs to mind.

Only without being (too) pretentious and written by a douchebag