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You Run The Buses in Cities in Motion

By Fr33Lanc3r.00704-04-2013

Cities in Motion 2 has launched with a new trailer, showing off some of the gameplay in the traffic controlling sim. CiM puts you in the shoes of those responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of a city's transport network - giving you the power to set bus and train routes and timetables, ferry services and more. The choices you make will affect the growth of your city - cheap transport options will cause suburban areas to form, while exotic and expensive options will create areas with high-end businesses and the rich elite. But at its core, you're becoming the person that everyone will blame for late and dodgy public transport, so try not to role-play any real-world city...

If any of that sounds at all interesting, you can pick it up from a variety of places, conveniently listed here.

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