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You Probably Won't See a Fourth of Dragon Age Inquisition

By JcDent13-09-2013

Lead Designer Mike Ladlaw spoke to Rock, Paper, Shotgun about several things in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Well, it was mostly about choice and impact, but there are some meaty bits still.

First: combat! Rolling and dodging is all fine, but how do you implement in stop and top down mode? Why, by making it a movement power - just pause the game, select where you want to roll as you would with an AOE power and fool that stupid dragon! I'd say that's too easy but it's way better than DA:O's just standing in one place and wailing on the enemy. Or DAIIs... everything, probably.

Next stop is health, which they say will require more planning, as in, do I want to take those guys out if it would cost me the resources needed not to die while fighting a dragon? The phrase "resource management" gets thrown into that, but the only place it fits is management games and I don't see BioWare making Space Colony Manager 5: Son of Bureaucrat. I still wonder how they are going to implement this stuff.

Still, a nice move forward, especially since most devs these day consider players (ahem, customers) to be these frail, nigh idiotic flowers that can't weather any challenges.

Talking about pussying out... Morrowind had systems that would lock out several things in game for you, like nobody would give missions to a vampire. In Blander Scrolls: Oblivion, you had the ability to join every damn guild, even the damn vampire hunters (while being a vampire) and do all the quests in one playthrough. Well, none of this shit in Inquisition!

Depending on your choices roughly a fifth of the game will be locked from you during a playthrough. And the designers are also hoping on you missing some stuff because you're stupid and finding them through replays. And while Inquisition won't be totally open world (there are several big regions that are connected through world map travel), they want it to be intriguing and full of things to explore. Logical, things to explore, like bandit filled areas having small dungeons where they hide their loot for example.

Now I remember Morrowind once more...

There's also a lot of tack about player choice affecting the game, both immediately and in far future, and in some nebulous ways. This is the best way to generate replayability because the player can't just reload the save to see alternate choice and compare which one he liked more. This is something that The Witcher did, this is something that Dragon Age Inquisition will too implement well.

Shaping up to be a good year for RPG players.

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