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Played The Pointless Multiplayer, Buy This Pointless DLC!

By MrJenssen12-02-2014

The list of features making AC4: Black Flag great fun to play, is a long one. But multiplayer is nowhere to be found on that list. So why, then, do Ubisoft keep pushing out new content for the multiplayer and nearly neglecting any singleplayer content? Oh, alright. Let's have a look at what's to be found in the next one.

The new DLC, which is titled Guild of Rogues and is out already now, contains three player skins... and that's all. For $2.99, you can get these fantastic new skins which all have their unique costumes and animations, but don't really differ in any way at all. If you own the season pass, you're getting this magnificent piece of content completely free!

Well, at least there will also be two new multiplayer maps releasing on February 17. These are free to all players, so no DLCs or season passes are required for those. The Charlestown map is apparently an old favorite from AC3, featuring urban environments. The other map is Kingston, which has trees and stuff.

So, if you're one of the no one on the entire planet who enjoyed and still play Black Flag's multiplayer mode, then check out the trailer above, and start getting excited. For everyone else, it's just another drop in an ocean of missed DLC potential by big publishers who have a chance to properly support their games post-launch, but instead resort to wasting everyone's time and effort tacking on worthless non-features and gimmicks. In other words, all quiet on the western front.

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