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You Louse Blaggard, I've Got My Eye On You

By Bobfish31-10-2013

The Dark Eye franchise is one of those that has been around for an incredibly long time, has an immense, powerfully loyal fanbase, but most people have never even heard of. So allow us to raise some awareness to the latest entry, Blackguards, announced by Daedelic Entertainment. Details are extremely sketchy at the moment, but as the title suggests, the story focuses around a band of criminals and cutthroats who are left as the only hope of salvation in a dark, helpless world.

See, the word Blackguard, or Blaggard, is an old English euphemism for a criminal. A particularly nasty criminal at that. So what, then, is the hope of redemption when all that remains is the dregs of society? How can there be any hope of a better future at all? Well that is the question this  game intends to ask. Certainly not the happiest premise we've ever seen. But one that has me extremely intrigued.

The website, at the moment, is only available in German (that being where The Dark Eye series is most popular) but there are some tantalising screenshots (attached below) that tell us at least one thing. This will be more in line with the recently released Demonicon style of gameplay than the earlier Memoria. Everything else? Well, that we will just have to wait, and hope, to see.

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