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You Gotta Fight For Your Right To... Fight!

By MrJenssen11-02-2014

At the time of this writing, Polish Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Kickstarter campaign has just broken £700,000. Notice the Pounds Sterling sign at the front, there. Do not confuse it with the Dollar sign. In Dollars, it'd be over $1 million already. Breaking 700 means the devs can afford to hire on professional motion capture actors, in a professionally set up motion capture studio.

The success no doubt stems from the vast array of gameplay footage we've been served throughout the Kickstarter campaign, along with the fact that it's a pretty damn ambitious project already. But the Polish are known for being hard workers, and Warhorse Studios aren't resting on their laurels. Another video was released, this time showcasing the promised combat gameplay.

In keeping with the realistic take on everything else that the devs have gone with in the game, the combat too is more than just random spamming of buttons to mash foes dead. Here, you have a proper system of attacking and parrying that is supposedly very authentic towards what it used to be in the middle ages. In the melee combat, you have three ways to attack your foe. Stabbing, slashing and a special (likely context-sensitive) attack, which can be a kick or a bash or something of that sort. In addition, you have six directions to attack from, meaning you've got a total of 18 attacks for your foe to consider and parry.

Blocking someone's attack is a very simple one-button affair, but parrying and counter-attacking requires more finesse and timing. Armor also comes into play, where you are awarded for using the right type of weaponry for the opponents you face. A sword, no matter how sharp, won't likely break through plate metal. But piercing the armor isn't always necessary. Not if you can grind everything inside the armor to pulp with a giant maul. Or perhaps get a sneaky arrow past the plating with a precise shot from your bow. It'll be hard to parry that!

And even if you're the best parrying counter-attacker the world has ever seen, you won't get far if you're not fast enough. A high-level opponent will likely destroy you with his speed, agility and power. If you fail a duel with this opponent, you're asked to kindly get your ass back into town and train harder. Come back, and wreak havoc on him! Or her!

But, you didn't come here to have me explain the video. Watch it for yourself. Besides, there's the gameplay to prove it.

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