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You Got a Death Wish? Payday 2 Now Has What You Want

By MrJenssen27-02-2014

Wait, wait. So what, you thought Payday 2's OVERKILL difficulty level wasn't hard enough? Well, get ready! A new update for Payday 2 looks to make your job as a bank robber a lot harder. Checking out the trailer above, you'll notice that there isn't much new content to speak of other than a few reskins of the troops you usually face. But the foes in the new 'Death Wish' difficulty level free DLC that has been teased for a couple of days already, will supposedly make cops even more ridiculously, unrealistically accurate and deadly than they were before.

Considering how Payday 2 doesn't utilize any sort of realistic ballistics system but instead works more on a "they saw you for a fraction of a second and therefore they hit you"-system, this could lead to a lot of frustration for the more casual weekend robbers. But then again, this difficulty level isn't meant for them. This difficulty level is meant for the guys who have gone through the new Infamy system a couple of times, and know what they're doing.

Apart from this new difficulty level, a handful of the usual suspects in terms of features, is also included. 35 new achievements, four new masks (one for completing all heists on the fourh highest difficulty settings), and even a free melee weapon; a knuckle duster with "350K" engraved. Apparently to celebrate that Payday 2 has 350.000 community members at this point.

The update is free and should be updating your Payday 2 very soon if it hasn't already. Happy robbing!

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Posts: 3290

To be fair. Once you've levelled up a bit, and with a group that aren't morons, a lot of the heists are pretty easy

Posts: 1317

It's a cool update, and it's free... But I can't help but feel it doesn't have enough Charles Bronson, you know?