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You CAN Pay For Upcoming F2P Marvel Game

By JcDent10-01-2013

Free-to-Play games are free, but you can spend money on stuff - since the developers need to pay for the magic pixie dust that runs the servers. So the upcoming F2P MMO Marvel Heroes announced the Founder Program - which allows you to pay for some of the stuff!

What's in it, you ask?

Starter packs! They give you early access to heroes, costumes, ingame currency, early access days, exclusive costumes (after all, the creators said NEARLY everything was unlockable by playing), XP and Item find boosts. The craziest one is 200$ worth (and, as the website states, "estimated worth 750$" - probably AssPull Inc. statistics) Ultimate Package that gives you, among other things, 7 day head start and 5% PERMANENT increases to both XP and Item find rates.

Then again, this is quite the cat in the bag to buy, especially considering how derpy Spiderman looks in the provided media. What's your take on this, judges?

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I don't really understand what you get that's so special from the pre-order packs... Like seriously? 200 Dollar pre-order pack for a F2P title... that's a bit insane, since its asking a lot of faith from consumers for a title we know very little about at this point. Especially with fact that they aren't giving out many beta keys yet.