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You Abbreviated That Right

By breadbitten16-11-2013

I've been really doubtful if my timid old PC from the faraway lands of 2008 will be able to handle the galactic might of MMO shooter Planeside 2 for a while now, I've never really tried the game mind you but the game's visuals' utter lack for modesty and the maddening scope were pretty telltale. I guess I've finally gathered some confidence in my ageing system now that SOE have decided to authorize "Operation: Make Faster Game".

Yes yes, I know. Clever. Whoopee. It all sounds a bit too good to be true though, I mean LOOK AT THE GAME! I'm pretty sure this is the game that the Imperial Stormtroopers will use as simulation to train for their eventual battle with Mark Hamill and his Merry Friends! Though I guess it kind of makes sense at the same time, being a free-to-play game, I guess the developers have nothing to lose by making it be able to run in systems that aren't exactly capable of finding the cure for AIDS in one night.

The official press blurb reads:

Today, the European Publisher and Developer Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) released PlanetSide 2's first major optimization patch to the live servers.  The huge Phase 1 patch of OMFG is now live on the European PlanetSide 2 servers!

This first phase of OMFG includes optimized UI, physics, sound, player processing, rendering code and more. These improvements will allow PlanetSide 2 players to experience a significant increase in frame rate and performance. In many cases, players will see a 30%+ improvement in frame rates. The team will continue to elevate the game's optimization levels, focusing on engineering improvements to the visibility and physics systems for Phase 2 of OMFG.

For the entire list of fixes, tweaks, optimizations and other oral-sex techniques, click...h'ya.

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