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Yet Another Walking Dead Game

By NeonAnderson31-12-2012

As we previously announced, Activision and Terminal Reality are working together on a new Walking Dead video game. We finally get to see a taste of what is to come out of this video game and it is hard to tell yet really how much potential this game has yet. The video above is recorded in very early alpha, thus one should not judge the game yet based on the video above. We will keep everyone updated as the game progresses in development.

Are you interested already in the new Walking Dead FPS?

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Posts: 67

I think this has the potential to be everything I wished L4D2 would be. Kotick, keep your hungry paws of it.

Posts: 351

I really hope they make this game worth playing!

Posts: 223

I watched a pretty lengthy interview/gameplay reveal on IGN for TWD: Survival Instinct and to be fair it does sound pretty interesting. Obviously it won't be as memorable as Telltale's take on TWD, but I will be giving it a chance as I liked what they said they were trying to do with the game