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Yes, You Will Be Able to Use Guns in Far Cry 4

By Doubleplus09-10-2014

Just in case you were afraid of the possibility that maybe you wouldn't be able to use guns in Far Cry 4, Ubisoft has released a trailer showcasing off its truly unique and innovative weapons (Boy, I wish sarcasm was easier to convey in text form) Among the absolutely groundbreaking weapons showcased, there is the Vector .45 ACP, a high spread, close range, high-fire rate SMG; The MG42, a machine gun (I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it has a high fire rate, lots of ammo, but takes a long time to reload); The Mortar, which admittedly seems like it will fit into a game like Far Cry fantastically and is probably the only weapon that seems at all interesting; The Kukri (Now that's a knife); The P416, an assault rifle because what's a modern game without one or a few of those; Bait, which might be interesting if not for the fact the tigers in Far Cry 3 didn't really seem to need encouragement to maul every single living thing in the general area; a flamethrower, because it was okay in Far Cry 3; and lastly the auto-crossbow, because, you know, the recurve bow wasn't overpowered enough.

Of course, all this innovation costs money, and how does Ubisoft hope to cover its cost?

That's right, Day 1 DLC. Yup, coming free with a pre-order is the "Limited Edition" which includes three extra story missions (That's right, not just extra side missions, but STORY MISSIONS) and a Harpoon gun called "The Impaler." Oh yeah that's real nice, an instant-kill gun that shoots big, long projectiles and can pin enemies against walls. That's never been done before.


And that one could also shoot grenades. Does "The Impaler" shoot grenades? No, I didn't think so. Does "The Impaler" shoot entire fucking fenceposts? Again, didn't think so. I know this sounds nitpicky to be this harsh when judging a weapon, and it would be if it was just another weapon in a game, but this weapon is supposed to be so good its worthy of not only being DLC, but day one DLC. I know it comes free with a pre-order, but say you bought FC4 after the fact. Will you be interested in a DLC who's one of their 2 selling points is a weapon that has been done before and more interestingly? Well it's your money.

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