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Ye Olde Zomby Apokalyps

By BloodyFanGirl09-05-2013

Techland, the developer behind Dead Island and Call of Juarez, have a new project in the works - Hellraid. The game sets you down in ye olde castle, or ye olde forest or ye olde dungeon and pits you against hordes of the spawns of hell. Will you fight them with might and magic or shall you face them with the sword? You'll go up against skeletons, dismembered members of the undead and evil sorcerers, oh my!

The game has several classes to choose from, like the standard Warrior, Paladin, Rogue or Mage classes. The game will also feature co-op so you can on ye olde horde with your buddies, with the skills from each class working to complement each other in combat.

This initial teaser trailer doesn't really shed light on very much else. For instance it's unclear as to where this undead horde came from (my moneys on cultists. It's always cultists). That said the gameplay shows like it doesn't really need plot justification; after all, slicing through the undead is fun whatever reason is behind their rising, right? Right.


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Posts: 241

It looks like fun, but trailers can be decieving, especially when Techland make them.

Posts: 127

Yay, Poland ^^ And as for the game - looks interesting, Dark Messiah comes to mind :-D

Posts: 1317

Hellraid does indeed look interesting. But man, Techland is like the most "up and down" developer out there. One of their games touches on brilliance, the next one is a pile of shit. MAKE YOUR MINDS UP! What do you want to be, a good developer or a trash developer??