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By Bobfish30-07-2015

Don't panic, this isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. At least, we hope it isn't. Yager themselves seem confident that this is nothing more than a temporary hiccup to allow them to straighten things out after being dropped as developers for Dead Island 2. However, with other projects still in the works, the future still seems fairly solid for them, meaning this will be nothing more than a hedge bet to cover their asses, just in case. Yager's Managing Director Timo Ullmann gave a statement confirming that staff will still be fully paid in the interim, and there will be a more long term reorganization in the coming days.

"As single-purpose company, Yager Productions GmbH was assigned to the development of the Deep Silver title Dead Island 2. The insolvency filing is a direct result from the early termination of the project and helps protecting our staff. In the course of the proceedings, we gain time to sort out the best options for reorganizing this entity."

Meanwhile, Deep Silver have yet to say anything about what the future hoilds for Dead Island 2. But having been in production for three years already, it's unlikely they're just going to drop everything and write it off as a waste. We'll keep our eyes peeled and let y'all know as soon as we hear anything else. But what do you think of all this? My opinion of Deep Silver has certainly taken a knock after their shenanigans.

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