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Y U No Buy? Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

By NeonAnderson09-07-2013

Shadow Warrior has received the same care that Duke Nukem did with the Megaton Edition and as such the Shadow Warrior Classic Redux Edition is now on Steam! AWESOME!

For those who do not know Shadow Warrior, the best way to summarise the game is that it is the developers Asian take of Duke Nukem. After the success of Duke 3D, 3D Realms went on to further develop on their engine and as a result Shadow Warrior had quite a few technical improvements over Duke 3D. In addition, Shadow Warrior was an entire new IP that while feeling familiar to Duke fans, was also a very different and unique experience with surprisingly completely different humour than that found in Duke 3D.

The Classic Redux Edition, much like Duke's Megaton Edition is a fully fledged port of the game that allows it to run natively on modern computers without having to go through emulation programs such as DOS Box. The port also features upgraded texture resolutions (without ruining the classic feeling and look of the textures) to reduce pixelation when played at current day HD resolutions. As well as Steamworks (thus cloud saving and achievements) and an updated UI. Just like Duke Nukem's Megaton Edition though it only launched today with single-player and multiplayer (and co-op) might or might not be added later. The developers claim they are working on getting the multiplayer out but it could take some time as it has to go through Steam and obviously this means an entire new netcode and everything, thus why it is taking so long to do.

In any case, if you have not experienced Shadow Warrior or are feeling nostalgic for it (like myself), then click here to purchase it and download it now. Buyers beware though! This game features very "sharp" humour that might offend people so if you do buy and play this title, keep an open mind and don't take it too seriously!

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@Stunt: That would not surprise me in the slightest

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did I hear it right? W Y no wang?!

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But you like it hard lover ;)

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Make no mistake from the explosive trailer however, the game is STILL batshit hard.