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Xenonauts Released! Sort Of

By MrJenssen06-06-2014

If you know me, you know I love the old X-Com UFO Defense. While I can see the entertainment value in Firaxis' remake, I'm personally not a big fan. I can live with XCOM: Enemy Unknown being rather far removed from the source material, but the amount of cheapness that the game's difficulty is based on, is just too frustrating.

That's why snobby old me has been paying close attention to a little game called Xenonauts. What is Xenonauts? Well, it's basically what every fan of the old-school X-Com games could dream about. A visual and mechanical overhaul, but still the same game in essence. The game has been in development for quite some time now, and has been "closing in on release" for months. But now, the wait is finally over. You see, Xenonauts has now reached version 1.0 as teased in a recent blog post from the devs. Yes, it is finally officially released. Well, it's still technically listed as part of Steam's Early Access program, but v1.0 is already available for download for any owner of the game.

"Official release and leaving Early Access for the game is in about two weeks (tentatively pencilled in as 16th June), but the remaining time is mostly going to be spent on sending out review copies, the PR around the launch, porting to Mac / Linux and getting the Kickstarter rewards sorted out etc."

With that, the game is now basically done. While there will obviously be bug-fixing patches and the likes in the future, all the content and polish you'd expect from a fully fledged spiritual sequel to MicroProse Software's old X-Com series. So strap your boots, load your rifle and - for goodness' sake - don't forget the bloody flares!

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