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Xenonauts Enters Steam

By MrJenssen31-05-2013

It has long been known that Goldhawk Interactive had intentions of eventually releasing Xenonauts on Steam. Though the game is far from done - it recently entered beta - Steam's popular new "Early Access" program gives the perfect opportunity to truly get Xenonauts out to the masses before it is completed. That's something the developer have already mentioned in their previous official update.

For those that don't know what Xenonauts is, think of it as a modernized X-Com. No, not XCOM. I said a modernized X-Com. True to its roots, simple and yet deep, with a more friendly UI and slightly sharpened graphics. The game has been in development for what feels like eons, there's been numerous ups and downs, there's been a (successful) Kickstarter campaign and...you get the point. Well now, the game is finally available - in its clearly unfinished form - on Steam's Early Access pages. There is a way for those of you who have already pre-ordered the game through Desura or the game's official pages.

  1. Go to https://secure.desura.com/cart/cdkeys
  2. Log into your Desura account
  3. Click the "Request Key" button next to Xenonauts
  4. Load Steam and go to Games > Activate A Product On Steam in the top bar
  5. Copy the key into Steam

So finally, there's a way for those of us who didn't feel XCOM: Enemy Unknown quite lived up to the X-Com standard, to finally play the true spiritual successor on Steam. Are you excited? Or am I the only one snobby enough to feel that XCOM was a bit of a disappointment?

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