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Xenonauts Closing in on Release, V19 Releasing

By MrJenssen19-09-2013

Xenonauts, a loveletter to old-school X-Com fans and one of my favorite indies this year, is about to get a big new patch. The game is still in Steam's Early Access program, but the new V19 update seeks to bring it one big step forward in preparation of the final release. The update has been thoroughly tested, and is considered fairly stable. Though the changelist is long - check the spoiler-tag in the second forum post there - developer Goldhawk's summary is as follows:

-Vastly improved game balance

-Dramatically improved AI

-Alien Base missions fully functional

-All research descriptions [in the UFO Xenopedia] written and edited

-Various visual updates like a new world map, many more painted ground tiles, etc

-Lots and lots of bugfixes

The update has been completed and sent to Steam, which means it should automatically be applied to your game sometime in the next 24 hours.

In addition to announcing the update, Goldhawk open up a little and talk about the near future in the kickstarter post.

"We are presently working on V20. We are planning this to be the last update to the game that will include new features, and will be where we integrate the new interface, add all the maps, finish the AI, fix some problems with the game accuracy model etc. If all goes to plan, anything after V20 will simply be bugfixing and final balancing on the existing systems."

... And after that...

"We are hoping to get the game by the end of the year. This is by no means a firm commitment, but it is the internal deadline we're working towards. The game has come together well over the past three months and if progress continues at this pace then completing the game in another three months is feasible provided nothing major goes wrong."

Barring any unforeseen events, the game is in other words likely to hit the scene big time before new year's. Good stuff! Though Xenonauts is still only in Beta, it's a fully functional game that any self-respecting X-Com fanatic should already own. So what is YOUR excuse?

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