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Xenonauts 2, it is Coming

By McKaby04-02-2016

In the wave of XCOM 2 coming out on Friday, Goldhawk Interactive has officially announced that the rumours are true, they are going to be making Xenonauts 2. They also say that have learnt the lessons from the development of the first game, which was their first ever game as well.

So far we known they are going to be making it in Unity3D, more tactical options on the ground, more engaging air game, and an improved base management and geoscape game, and is basically an improved version of the original as it is set in the same time and is not a direct sequel.

It has to be said much that an indie studio game was put on the same pedestal as X-COM and XCOM, and is very faithful to the original X-COM games, it was a good game for those looking for an engaging version of XCOM:EU, even when Long War came out Xenonauts was still a very good alternate for more engaging gameplay.

So far it is worth keeping an eye on their official site which will be updated with more information about the new game.

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Posts: 35

Ooh 3d combat, destructable terrain, physics & projectile tracking, improved air combat, more strategic choice, and more intelligent enemies.

Thats one very nice list, and that projectile tracking and destructable terrain is one of the elements I've missed the most - being able to miss a shot and hit your own troopers in the back or accdentally hit a building thats out of view and have it collapse on several aliens at once, can't wait.

Posts: 1317

Really can't wait for this. Some better graphics and smoother animations would help, but otherwise there's little I would change. It's the perfect X-Com remake.