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XCOM Shooter Gets New Name

By JcDent26-04-2013

Now, it isn't easy to make an XCOM shooter - to stay truthful to the series, you'd have to make it Operation Flashpoint (the First) hard - and people wouldn't buy that, because most immediately start crying "effort is hard". So, naturally, the game had a bumpy road and is now set to be released on August 23rd. And it will be called Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

The way the devs put it, it's going to be a prequel story to XCOM, set in the 50-ies. The Bureau started its work as a gummint agency set to root out possible Red infiltrations. As the threat turns out to be more Grey, they have to transform, cope and adapt - which would one day lead to XCOM we know and fill with corpses of dead squadies. The game is to feature various alien fighting methods, like reverse engineering tech, team mate permadeath as well as a cast of supporting characters.

There's still no word on the sequel that would explain why after years of preparation, XCOM: Enemy Unknown starts with rifles and flak jackets.


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Posts: 53

Hm. Still worth a shot.

Posts: 1317

I'm actually surprised the game came into such harsh weather from people and critics. From the trailers, it looked like the standard kind of mediocre tripe triple-A action games serve these days, and people usually eat them up raw and ask for seconds.

Posts: 1548

I'm glad 2K listened to the feedback and decided to give in and rework the game to something acceptable.

Posts: 1317

This is THE way to do it! Don't fuck up franchises with retarded spin-offs. Spin-offs are good, but they should be exactly that. SPIN-OFFS. They are not supposed to clutter the direction of the main franchise.