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XCOM: Mods Remain Unknown

By RubyStreams25-10-2012

One of the perks of PC gaming is the ability to mod a game. Whether it be adding or tweaking a game, there are huge number of talented gamers out there who will create mods that will alter a game, mostly, for the better. Well, Firaxis Producer Garth DeAngelis has something to say about mods for the recent XCOM: Enemy Unknown:

“It’s something that we’d like to resolve going forward, but we still have quite a few things on our plate that have been planned for a while”

Dark0ne of the XCOM Nexus modding network has responded to DeAngelis' comments with “If you’re cynical, like me, that reads as ‘We’ll maybe talk about mods after we’ve milked the DLC for all their worth.’ Not that you can hold it against Firaxis. After all, they’re a business. But for people who care more about mods than they do about lackluster DLC, it’s a blow.”

What are your views on this subject? Leave your comments below.

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Posts: 228

What is there to resolve? Mods are already happening and the game is barely out of the oven. Lets not go into Escapist territory and cry about everything.

Posts: 233

Mods are vitally important for the survivability of every game. Sadly business interests don't always correspond with the interests of the community.