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XCOM: DLC On the Horizon

By Bis18marck7024-10-2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is set for its first DLC. Entitled ‘Slingshot’ the content pack will bring you three new Council Missions with a unique story attached to them. Taking place in China, the story will give you a new playable character, the Triad operative Zhang. Other than all the other playable characters of the game, Zhang will have a pre-designed face and, most importantly, a unique voice.

Each mission will be set on a visually distinct map but sadly won’t be available in Multiplayer. Promising diverse objectives, the game will boost some of the games mechanics and add new possibilities. The DLC content can be accessed as soon as the Council offers its own missions. However, the player can choose to play these missions at a later point.

Asked why the game is to receive a mission and not a new weapon or technology pack, Firaxis said that the game is already relentlessly punishing people who do not stay up-to-date on their research, so expanding this area will only cause the players to become overwhelmed and frustrated. Indeed, the DLC will offer early access to the almighty Blaster ‘get-the-fudge-out-of-my-way’ Launcher once Slingshot has been completed as well as a permanent squad member with Zhang.

Now if they could only make Hans ‘Eisenfaust’ Mueller sound like a real German badass instead of some generic gung-ho redneck.

Price and release date will be announced soon.

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