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XCOM: Demystified

By breadbitten18-07-2013

2K Marin's upcoming tactical third person shooter spin on the XCOM franchise, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, is looking rather spiffy for a game that was, at a certain point in time, met with one of the most vitriolic knee-jerk reactions the collective gaming community could muster. Regardless of how the game eventually turns up, I'm glad that the development team (or even 2K for that matter) didn't just clam up and can the game and instead decided to retool it to make it more "relevant" to the XCOM franchise. A recently released development diary touches on some of the background behind the game's development while also elaborating on some of the game's more noteworthy features. Permadeath has always played a key role in XCOM and it's great to see the developers understand that and have it be one of the pillars of the game.


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Looks more like she's letting one rip.

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The preview image...dat derp face!