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XCOM 2 - The Last, and Only Hope to Liberate the Planet

By McKaby11-12-2015

Firaxis reminds everyone of XCOM 2 with new trailer, lifting of NDA and a 2 hour live stream from a long time XCOM streamer, all in time for us to know, this is the last hope for Humanity on Earth.

The trailer starts off showing the 2 pronged attack, the one in Paris to destroy the statue on the day “celebrating” Earth's inclusion into alien empire and the introduction of ADVENT, and the other attack to get the last great weapon XCOM needed, the Commander. We also get to see more of the tactics, the weapons and operatives of XCOM, and some of the ADVENT forces we will have to overcome to liberate our world.

The cut of this trailer actually would fit well into a movie than a PC game, showing how far games have come, the ending showing the new Sectoid face made out of human faces, then those turning to skulls is sinister, yet we are missing one thing, the Councilman isn't saying “Good Luck, Commander” … this does not bode well.

We also had XCOM forum moderator “Donald23” do a large post with stuff he got from playing at the Dutch office, one of the new things is the “Avatar Project” with it's own “Doom tracker” that and the destruction of the new Avenger is the instant loose for XCOM, so we are on a short schedule it seems, but we can do stuff to disrupt that, and a refresh of the dark projects.

One thing mentioned is about the maps and that they do change upon reloading the mission, and that it did feel fresh, though there are still questions of how fresh this will be, as well as that the there will be 50Gb of assets that will be made available to modders when the modding tools come out, and this is not just fancy stuff, so maps will no doubt get a refresh.

To read everything (as it's a long read) go to the official forums here, you don't need an account.

Beaglerush the famous guy who does doing XCOM Long War runs was asked nicely to run a 2 hour playthrough of the first few missions of XCOM 2 and his YouTube channel has been updated with part 1 and part 2 respectfully.

XCOM 2 is out 5th February 2016 and is on Steam for £34.99.

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