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XCOM 2 Gameplay Video Shows Off The Avenger

By WskOsc20-08-2015

We're just about as excited for XCOM 2 as it's possible to be and the trailers we've seen so far have gone a long way to helping with that notion and the new “Welcome to the Avenger” trailer is no exception. Narrated by what sounds like an older Officer Bradford (from the previous XCOM game) and featuring new characters in researcher Tygan and the daughter of engineer Shen (again, from the previous XCOM) the trailer takes us on a tour of the new base mechanics, including more in-depth personnel management and deeper soldier customisation options including weapon mods and even changes to the soldiers personalities. It's a far more interesting trailer than you'd expect for what amounts to clicking through some glorified menues and that speaks to the quality of the XCOM games.

Stay tuned for more info as we get it.

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