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XCOM 2 Announced

By WskOsc01-06-2015

XCOM 2! XCOM 2! YES! Okay, I'll calm down now. Apart from the above trailer details aren't too in depth but we do know that the game is set 20 years after the original XCOM, humanity lost against the alien invaders and the world government has been “unified” under the aliens rule. XCOM is striking back against the aliens but limited resources and the need to constantly evade the aliens via a new mobile headquarters mechanic. We'll be seeing procedurally generated maps and modding support, more alien types, 5 new soldier classes, increased character customization and more tactical combat.

It's all sounding like a tall order but if that trailer is anything to go by we'll be seeing sweet snake aliens and flying robots. 2K and Firaxis are aiming for a November 2015 release date but no specific date yet.

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So, they're doing the Valve numbering system then

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Squeeeee- I mean, uh, that's cool.