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Xbox President Now Zynga CEO

By ember02-07-2013

Zynga announced today that Don Mattrick, President of Xbox, has been chosen to be Zynga's new CEO. Mattrick will be replacing Mark Pincus, who will be remaining on at Zynga as a Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Product Officer. This change will be effective as of July 8, 2013.

Pincus seems to think highly of Mattrick, stating that he is "unique in the game business" and that he can "execute in multiple domains" such as hardware and software.

In April of this year, Zynga confirmed layoffs of about 18% of their employees. They also closed OMGPOP just a few weeks ago. It seems that Zynga may want to shake things up and bring in some of the success...or lack thereof as of recent...of the Xbox.

With this change could we see more Zynga console games? The company has been mainly focused on Facebook and mobile, but Mattrick brings in years of experience with three consoles. It's possible, Zynga does need to up their game if they wish to keep up with the social market.


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Posts: 3290

Dude, they're already selling us DRM

Posts: 4

lol Mattrick basically just left one shit company for another. Geebus, if he left for EA then our wallets would be looking down the center of a black hole and would never come back. They would be trying to practically SELL us DRM.

Posts: 3290

He's a right smug git isn't he

Posts: 1548

There were rumours that Mattrick might go for EA's CEO seat and seeing how much of an ass he was at MS I'm glad he went to fuck up Zynga.

Posts: 3290

Because people don't hate Zynga enough already?